Jeff M. Federal Bankruptcy Trustee

Jeff M.

As a Federal Bankruptcy Trustee, I am tasked with evaluating residential property values on a daily basis, [and] determining whether or not value, or equity, exists (such that I am justified in listing and selling that property).  Jan Norton Fairchild has proven valuable in assisting me by viewing properties on my behalf and helping me to determine a realistic fair market value for that given property, based upon her vast experience and knowledge of the market.  Where Jan has been most valuable to me, however, is after giving me a likely range of sales prices to list and market the properties at, she has been ableto locate financiable buyers at or above the price she originally gave me as the likely sales price.  Her ability to stage and market properties has proven time and time again to be the difference in producing a speedy sale and a higher price on a consistent basis.  I would highly recommend her for any of your real estate needs.

— Jeff M.