Deb Havens – Movie Producer

Dear Jan,

Dave and I want to thank you sincerely for the service you provided us recently in the process of finding a perfect home. As you know, this process began nearly two years ago when we first thought of moving to Grand Rapids from Northville. You were absolutely great with helping us get a sense of the area, showing us different neighborhoods, always with a commitment to us finding the perfect place. I especially appreciate your understanding attitude as we explored different options for our liftstyle–everything from condos to duplexes and finally back to single family homes! After all that, you never batted an eye when we dropped out of the process for awhile waiting for our house to sell. And then it never did! So how did we end up buying the perfect house? Well, we rented our old one. We were just going to move everything into storage and live with family for a month or so until we found that perfect home. Then we went out looking with you one more time–and you declared “tonight’s the night!” Sure enough, we found the perfect house–with just six days to go before we were planning to move! You really went into overdrive at that point, helping us find the required creative financing through the perfect mortgage company so we were actually able to close within a week and move into the house of our dreams, conveniently vacant! Jan, when I think of how long it took us, and how completely dedicated you were to us finding exactly what would make our dreams come true, I’m actually moved to tears. The whole process could have been scary and frustrating, but instead we had so much fun. You have made it possible for us to live happily ever after, and we will never forget you.

Love and thanks, Deb and Dave

— Deb Havens & Dave Limbaugh